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Combiphos Refill Pack 800g with ‘O’ Ring Seals

for 15mm or 22mm Combimates, supplied with new 'O' rings to seal the Combimate dome

Price(s) From
£ 27.50
Price (incl. VAT)

Combiphos Refill Pack 800g with ‘O’ Ring Seals

for 15mm or 22mm Combimates, supplied with new 'O' rings to seal the Combimate dome

£ 27.50
Price (incl. VAT)


Total Cost £ 27.50


Product Information

Combimate is a user-friendly domestic limescale prevention device that uses Combiphos to deliver guaranteed prevention of limescale and soft water corrosion water control, with no moving parts.

Tried and tested – Combiphos is a polyphosphate compound specifically developed to provide the most effective limescale prevention in flow-through installations. Polyphophate dosing has been safely used to treat water throughout the world for many years.

Note: Combiphos does not soften water and its effectiveness may be reduced in water heated to temperatures above 60 degrees, in water with carbonate hardness levels above 360 ppm or at pH levels below 6.5.

Combiphos is 100% food grade material approved by the FAO/WHO and compliant with the European normative standard BS EN 1208, that prevents scale build-up and soft water corrosion in combination boilers and other domestic hot water appliances.

Health and safety – Combiphos is tasteless and odourless and contains a polyphosphate compound which is classified by the WHO as a ‘food-grade’ additive. The quantity, size and hardness of the spheres control the amount of Combiphos released.  Typically this is less than 3 ppm (parts per million) of phosphate in treated water and perfectly safe for human consumption.

There are two installations options when fitting Combimate: whole-house supply or single appliance protection.

Whole-house supply – For this installation Combimate should be plumbed in after the stop-valve on the cold water supply to the premises. The white removable divider tray should be removed from inside the Combimate dome in a whole house installation so that the dome can be completely filled with Combiphos (the full 800g bag contents).

Single appliance – Combimate can be used to protect a single appliance by placing it on the cold water supply to that appliance (e.g. a boiler), in which case the red removable divider tray should be left in place and Combiphos should only be put in the top half of the dome. This reduces the amount of Combiphos required for annual topping-up (in this situation, the 800g bag will last two years).

Here is a selection of documents, designed to ease specification and installation:

Refill Guide

Combiphos Guide

Download PDF
Sales Leaflet

Combiphos Leaflet

Download PDF

Here is video content illustrating the technical application of this product:

How Combimate Works


Cistermiser Combimate Installation


How to install a Cistermiser Combimate (Limescale prevention for your home's water supply)


What Our Customers Say...

Thanks to all, you have some fantastic staff who took the time and effort to help us out."

Mr C Stimson, Earley, Reading

Testimonial Rating

"I've been a volume customer of Cistermiser for many years.
Good products and excellent support.”

Simon Pearce (Testimonial from Google my Business)

Testimonial Rating

"Your company is great - the parts, the service, the delivery, the clarity, the simplicity - all brilliant - definitely a score of 5!
Many thanks.”

Matt Warren (Customer Satisfaction Rating via SMS text message)

Testimonial Rating

"Many thanks, your product (Combimate) has proven itself time and time again over the years.”

Homeowner, Malmesbury, Wiltshire

Testimonial Rating

"I installed my Combimate about six weeks ago, and it's been brilliant. Water tastes better and I'm pretty sure I've seen a reduced build-up of limescale. Many thanks to you and to everyone there. I'm really so pleased how much better my water is!”

Doug Stokes, Lincolnshire

Testimonial Rating
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