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Features & Benefits

Since its launch in 1987, Combimate has established itself as one of the most popular and effective solutions for preventing limescale in hard water and soft water corrosion.

Here are just some of the reasons why:

  • Combimate has a low purchase cost
  • Ensures your water heating system efficiency is maintained
  • Keeps energy costs down
  • Avoid expensive repairs or replacement of boilers and water fittings
  • Removes need for chemical de-scaling products
Effective protection
  • Protects domestic water systems against hard water limescale and soft water corrosion
  • Extends the life of your water installation
  • Helps maintain your home’s energy efficiency
  • Avoids the time and labour of removing stubborn scale
Simple to fit
  • Compact size – easy to locate without losing precious space
  • Configuration options – easy fitment to nearly any pipe configuration
  • Simple compression fittings – clearly marked inlet and outlets with interchangeable fittings
  • 15mm or 22mm fittings – Combimate models are available in both of these popular sizes
  • No electrics or drainage required – no need  for an electrician or additional plumbing
Safe in operation
  • Totally automatic system – no user interaction required
  • Energy-free – no power required
  • Automatic water shut-off – easy maintenance and a useful home safety feature
  • Completely safe for human consumption
Easy to refill Combiphos
  • Only requires an annual refill – a five minute task
  • Just a small quantity of Combiphos needed to refill – no need for bulky salt sacks or heavy lifting
  • A DIY job that requires no special tools

Simple To Install And Maintain

Combimate Installation

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Installation & Maintenance

Installing your Combimate Image
Installing your Combimate

Combimate requires very little space (roughly about the size of a teapot) and can be installed virtually anywhere on a home’s cold water supply pipework on either 15mm or 22mm pipework.

It is important that Combimate is sited in an accessible location and away from sources of heat for the Combiphos to work effectively. A minimum distance of 450mm from any appliance or local heat source (e.g. a boiler) will prevent water in the dome from warming and accelerating the rate of dissolution of the Combiphos.

Your Combimate can be installed to offer two levels of protection – the whole hot water system or a single appliance.

Combimate is an inline scale inhibitor and can be fitted to the majority of pipework configurations.

Fitting is simple – the only plumbing required is to route and connect two pipes, plus fixing the unit to the wall. This job can take less than one hour.

No special tools or expertise is required – both fitting and maintenance can easily be carried out by any competent person possessing basic plumbing skills.

Maintaining your Combimate

Apart from the annual replacement of the Combiphos spheres, Combimate requires no other maintenance.

Replacing the Combiphos is an easy job – press two buttons and the Combimate cover is removed and, thanks to integral shut-off valves, the water supply is automatically isolated.

The Combiphos is refilled through the filler plug. The cover is replaced and the water supply is automatically turned back on.

A whole year of home protection is delivered in a job that takes less than 5 minutes.

For full details on refilling procedures click here

Maintaining your Combimate Image
Combiphos – protection in every drop<br />
Combiphos – protection in every drop

Combiphos is the name of the crystal spheres used inside the Combimate unit. They provide the protection that Combimate gives to your home.

Combiphos is a harmless food-grade polyphosphate compound, that when added to water, prevents scale and stops corrosion. It achieves this by inhibiting the deposition of scale onto metallic surfaces.

Combiphos also inhibits corrosion by forming a thin protective layer on metal surfaces (e.g. the inside of pipework and boiler heat exchangers). A Combiphos concentration of 2-3 ppm (parts per million) is sufficient to achieve both of these effects.

Existing hard scale (i.e. calcium carbonate) cannot be easily removed by Combiphos. In these installations, Combiphos will prevent further scaling up. Limescale can build-up in all untreated hot water pipes and systems whatever material they are made of, including plastic.


Phosphate – A Natural Nutrient

The active ingredient of Combiphos is phosphate, a natural nutrient.

A microscopic amount of phosphate – 3 to 5 g – in 10 bathfuls of water is enough to stop pipes and appliances scaling up or developing pin-hole leaks.

Phosphate is commonly found in our food and drink. In fact, the human body uses phosphates in countless essential processes to build healthy bones and teeth. Milk, for example contains 910mg phosphate per litre*; much more than the Combimate system adds to 1,000 litres of drinking water using Combiphos.

In comparison, a tiny amount of phosphate is enough to prevent furring and corrosion in water systems.

*source: J.R. Geigy 1960

Phosphate – A Natural Nutrient<br />
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