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Protects boilers and keeps pipework clear

Combimate from Cistermiser is a thoroughly proven limescale prevention device, designed to protect appliances in hard water areas and also reduce the effects of soft water corrosion

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Prevents hard scale forming on taps and kettles

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Maintains your boiler's energy efficiency

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Shower heads and screens are easily cleaned

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Peace of mind that your home is protected

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  • Guaranteed Limescale Prevention

    Combimate protects boilers and appliances against scale formation and corrosion, keeps energy costs down and helps to extend the life of your household water system.

  • How Combimate works

    Combimate adds Combiphos to your water. This 100% safe food-grade natural material stops scale build-up on taps, boilers and appliances.

  • Easy to install

    Combimate is easy for any plumber or competent DIY homeowner to install and doesn’t require any electrical work or special tools.

2 x Variations

Combimate Limescale Prevention Device and Combiphos Starter Pack

for protection of single appliances or whole house water supplies

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Combiphos Refill Pack 800g with ‘O’ Ring Seals

for 15mm or 22mm Combimates, supplied with new 'O' rings to seal the Combimate dome

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Don’t forget to register your Combimate and Combiphos refills

Register your Combimate online for extended warranty and to sign-up to our Combiphos reminder service.

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Combimate 3-Year Warranty

Register your Combimate for your 3-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty* against defective materials and workmanship (this excludes soldering flux damage or over-tightening of fittings).

We also offer a Lifetime Scale Prevention Guarantee where we will contribute up to £500 (incl. VAT) towards the repair, descale or replacement of any new heat exchanger, combination boiler or thermal store that is protected by a Combimate* scale inhibitor.

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Our Guarantee

Lifetime Scale Prevention Guarantee

Your Combimate has been manufactured under the ISO9001:2015 quality assurance scheme and is a WRAS approved product that’s covered by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty* against defective materials and workmanship. This excludes soldering flux damage or over-tightening of fittings.

If Combimate is installed with a new boiler and the Combiphos is replaced annually, Cistermiser guarantees that the new boiler, new heat store or new heat exchanger will prevent the build-up of limescale deposits within the hot water system when fitted to a new heat exchanger, combination boiler or thermal store.

*When installed and maintained in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

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Cistermiser is so confident in the capabilities of Combimate, when used with Combiphos, that if the unit it is protecting experiences significant scaling, we will contribute up to £500 (incl. VAT) towards the cost of the de-scaling, repair or replacement of your heat exchanger, combination boiler or thermal store if:

  • Scale contamination becomes evident within 12 months of the last Combiphos top up
  • The volume of Combiphos has been maintained and replace in accordance with the recommendations
  • The lower portion of the Combimate Guide “Activate Lifetime Guarantee” FREEPOST card (included with the product) has been completed and returned at the time of installation together with a copy of the receipt for the installation of the new heat exchanger, combination boiler or heat store, or alternatively the online Lifetime Scale Prevention Guarantee form (on this website) has been completed and submitted at the time of installation.
  • Installation of the Combimate has been carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • The boiler, heat exchanger or heat store was new at the time of the installation of the Combimate.
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How Combimate Works

The Product

How Combimate Works

Combimate is a polyphosphate scale inhibitor which is plumbed directly on the cold water supply to the property or appliance to protect the hot water system.

Combimate is designed as a flow-through device that places Combiphos into contact with a home’s cold water supply.

As mains water flows through the Combimate unit, the water comes into contact with Combiphos. The phosphate within Combiphos coats the inside of a home’s pipework, boiler heat exchanger and appliances with a non-residual, microscopic, protective coating to prevent scale-causing minerals from accumulating and aggressive soft water from corroding the system and appliances.

The limescale protection action prevents the formation of scale while retaining the health benefits of the natural minerals contained in hard water.

Unlike other limescale prevention systems (e.g. magnetic, electrolytic or electronic limescale inhibitor) Combimate is designed to ensure that all of the incoming water flowing through the unit comes into contact with the Combiphos – ensuring a consistent level of phosphate dosing is maintained.

Combimate is designed to be user-friendly; shut-off valves automatically stop the water flow when the cover is removed and the Combiphos can be refilled through a simple screw fit cap.

Combimate provides pipe protection, appliance protection and boiler protection.

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