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Technical Information

How safe is Combiphos?

Is Combiphos safe?

Yes. Combiphos is classed as a ‘food grade’ additive which conforms to European Standards EN1208 and World Health Organisation standards as a safe additive to drinking water.

You can install a Combimate directly on the rising cold water mains and safely bathe in or drink the water supplied. Combiphos is safe for water in contact with babies, tropical fish, pets and skin conditions.

Can I taste it?

No. Combiphos is completely tasteless.

Does it smell?

No. The Combiphos is odourless.

Will it discolour my clothes?

No. Combiphos has no effect at all on fabrics.

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Phosphates in food
Did you know?

Phosphate - a natural nutrient

The active ingredient of Combiphos is phosphate, a natural nutrient. A microscopic amount – 3 to 5 g – in 10 bathfuls of water is enough to stop pipes and appliances scaling up or developing pin-hole leaks.

Phosphate is commonly found in our food and drink. In fact, the human body uses phosphates in countless essential processes to build healthy bones and teeth. Milk for example contains 910mg phosphate per litre*; much more than the Combimate system adds to 1,000 litres of drinking water using Combiphos.

In comparison, a tiny amount of phosphate is enough to prevent furring and corrosion in water systems.
*source: J.R Geigy 1960

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