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keeps energy costs down . protects boilers and appliances . easy to maintain

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  • Protects boilers and appliances against scale formation and corrosion
  • Keeps energy costs down
  • Extends the life of your water installation

Combimate works

Combimate adds Combiphos to your water. This 100% safe food-grade natural material stops scale build-up on taps, boilers and appliances.


to install

Combimate is easy for any plumber or competent DIY homeowner to install, and doesn't require any electrical work or special tools.



From just £152
(inc VAT)

Combimate will last a lifetime and is virtually maintenance free.

£28.20Inc VAT
Combiphos refills

To maintain your Combimate’s effectiveness, we recommend Combiphos is replaced annually.

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Lifetime Guarantee

We guarantee that new boilers protected by Combimate will not scale up. If they do we will contribute up to £500 towards repairs or replacement.


We are so confident in the capabilities of Combimate, when used with Combiphos that this guarantee also includes heat stores and heat exchangers. Terms and conditions apply.

Water: the hidden damage

As well as visible scale on taps, water can also cause damage where you can't see it.

Limescale can clog up the insides of boilers and appliances, while natural soft water can corrode metal pipes and fittings, often requiring expensive repairs.

Technical Support

Always on hand to help.

If you have a query about Combimate or would like to discuss installation please use the form below to contact us.