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Water: the hidden damage

The effects of limescale

What is limescale?

Limescale is the most visible symptom of hard water. It is comprised of calcium and magnesium, two minerals that form a residue when hard water is heated and evaporates.

This residue forms as a white chalky scum, commonly found around taps, the bath, basins and shower cubicles. Limescale is an unwanted substance and is difficult to remove.

The hidden effects of limescale

Inside a kettle is the most obvious place to spot limescale - the process of ‘descaling’ is common practice to restore efficiency and remove unwanted scale build up.

However, limescale also builds up in places you can’t see. Left unchecked this scale will steadily reduce a home's heating efficiency by clogging up pipes and boiler heat exchangers. This leads to decreased water pressure, flow rates and an increased energy demand; in turn leading to higher energy bills and maintenance costs.

Hard water in your area

Approximately 60% of the UK lies within a hard water area and is mainly a problem in the east of England . Click here to see a hard water area map.

British Water, the trade association for the UK water industry, has calculated hard water used by an average family of four, accumulates 70kg of limescale a year.

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