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Water: the hidden damage

Hardwater area map

Water hardness in your region

Water hardness levels vary across the UK, but the majority of the country (approximately 60%) lies within hard water areas.

The map below shows the rate of hardness across the country ; eastern England and parts of Lincolnshire have an extremely hard water supply. Very hard water is considered to be over 300ppm (parts per million).

What causes hard water?

Your water supply is drawn from the regional environment. After rainwater has fallen on the ground it collects hard minerals as it percolates down through rocks such as chalk and limestone. These minerals make the water hard.

The amount of mineral deposits in your water (and therefore the hardness of the water) will depend on which area of the country you live in.

In the home the results of hard water are the limescale deposits that it leaves behind.

Hardwater area map
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