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New packaging for Combimate

Cistermiser, the specialist water management company, is re-launching its well-established limescale-prevention device, Combimate.

The changes will include brighter, more practical packaging, refreshed branding, and a smart new content-rich website, which will provide a wealth of customer marketing materials. The changes will be promoted in a high-profile consumer PR campaign in hard-water areas in early 2014.

Since its launch in 1987, Combimate has established itself as one of the most popular and effective solutions for preventing limescale build-up in water heating appliances across hard water areas.

The new website, which launches in January 2014 to coincide with the rebranding activity, is designed to educate visitors about the negative impact of limescale deposits. These include lowering the efficiency of boilers, kettles etc., which adds to energy costs and can shorten the life of the appliance if left untreated.

For the first time, Combimate will also be able to be purchased online, with both the 15mm and 22mm pipe fittings available. And, later in 2014, a trade log-in area will also be launched where plumbers and merchants can access additional marketing materials and sales support. What’s more, end-users that register on the website will automatically receive a reminder to purchase their annual Combiphos refills at a reduced price.

All this investment in the brand is expected to create further commercial opportunities for trade partners from installations to annual maintenance, as well as high levels of client satisfaction.

John McMillan, Combimate Sales Manager at Cistermiser, explains: “Energy-saving measures are hot topics in the trade at the moment as gas and oil prices continue to spiral upwards. 

“Preventing limescale build-up can be considered as part of a package of measures that have proven effectiveness in this context. The product has a loyal following among plumbers and consumers, many of who testify to its guaranteed efficiency – so confident are we of its effectiveness that if the unit it is protecting experiences loss of performance due to scaling, we will contribute up to £500 towards the cost of repair or replacement. We now want to ‘spread the word’ to more people in hard water areas.  

“The new Combimate packaging is vibrant, presentable, and appealing, giving the product greater on-shelf visibility while the Combiphos refill packaging is now far more practical for postal delivery.

“Overall the product will be easier to stack, handle, display and ship.”

A regional newspaper campaign will run in hard-water areas, from January to March 2014, to raise awareness of the product and the need to protect water-heating appliances from limescale damage.


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