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How Combimate uses Combiphos

Combimate is designed as a flow-through device that places Combiphos into contact with a home’s cold water supply.

How Combimate Works

Combimate is plumbed directly on the cold water supply to the property or appliance to protect the hot water system. Unlike other limescale prevention systems, Combimate is designed to ensure that all of the incoming water flowing through the unit comes into contact with the Combiphos – ensuring a consistent level of phosphate dosing is maintained.

Combimate is designed to be user-friendly; shut-off valves automatically stop the water flow when the Combimate cover is removed and the Combiphos can be topped up through a simple screw-fit cap.

Siting your Combimate

It is important that Combimate is placed in an accessible location and away from sources of heat for the Combiphos to work effectively. A minimum of 450mm from any appliance or local heat source (e.g a boiler) to prevent water in the dome from warming and accelerating the rate of dissolution of the Combiphos.

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To maintain your Combimate’s effectiveness, we recommend Combiphos is replaced annually.

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